Zebra/Mannequins, where finches and trojans meet. The mannikin is a bossy bird, ruling the aviary. The zebra finch is prolific and loud, it’s progeny springing forth “like rats” (to quote the local eastern european bird salesman, but more on that presently)..

Obviously, the trojans discovered these horses, or rather this horse, and believing these/this a gift from the gods, they ripped the bastard horse belly only to discover the fierce soldiers lurking inside. The men of argos and allied troops sprung force to slice and dice torsos, and cleave heads a sunder. 

Gift horses? Forget it. 

Zebras are the next fatty pork belly, and pork belly is the next black. 

Mannequins serve the surface, and the surface conquers great nations. Great nations come and go.

Finches it is.


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